Let me be your sherpa! Maybe Sir Edmund Hillary could have made it to the top of Everest alone. Maybe not. But he knew it would be easier if he had the help of someone who knew the terrain and had experience in the area.

I have experience getting stress under control and I can guide you out of your feeling of being too stressed to feel successful. I can even help carry your burden for a while until you can carry it all on your own. Not only have I gotten a handle on my own stress, I have helped thousands of students in my 35 years of teaching to conquer their stress.

The cost of the course is just $29.00 and you can click below to purchase it. I really wanted to keep it affordable so that everyone can benefit from the course and reduce their stress. Having said that, I know that some people may have trouble with even $29.00. If that is you, read to the bottom to find out how to get the course at a price you can afford.

This course will teach you the 4 Rs to Handle Stress. If you choose to take this course, you will have an easier time dealing with the stress of life. I encourage you to watch the video below and get the flavor of the course.

IntroductionLesson 1 – Mindfulness and StressLesson 2 – Self CompassionLesson 3 – Stress in your body
Lesson 4 – WritingLesson 5 – Count your blessingsLesson 6 – Loving-KindnessLesson 7 – More about mindfulness

The course costs only $29.00 and will save you countless sleepless nights. Forget the sleepless nights – what about all the hours worrying. How much is one hour of worrying worth to you. If you are ready to purchase, click below.

I can assure you that if you watch the videos and do the exercises you will have less stress.

I know that for many people, $29.00 is just a few cups of coffee. I also know that for many people, $29.00 is two days worth of food and if I take that money they may be hungry. And, of course, there are many levels of affluence in between. If $29.00 is too much for you – for whatever reason – click here.