Imagine Jane who works at an ad agency. She has reached the Director level and was just asked to update the CEO about the Acme account in one hour.

Scenario one – Jane goes to her office, spends 15 minutes going though all the correspondence, 45 minutes organizing her work, what has been done and what still needs to be done and 15 minutes talking to her assistant about her plans for next weekend.

Scenario 2 – Jane goes back to her office and is so stressed she cannot see straight. She barely gets through the emails and doesn’t organize what still needs follow-up. By the time she walks into the CEO’s office she has to clutch the files to stop her hands from shaking.

Everyone has stress in their life. The difference is some people handle the stress without any problems, some people are usually okay with it but sometimes stress gets the better of them and some people are overwhelmed by stress. If you are in the middle category, you have come to the right place to help get a handle on your stress using science. Not woo-woo, just science! Some of the information comes more from positive psychology, some from more conventional psychology, but all the information is based on science.

If you are like Jane from scenario one, you probably are not reading this page. But if you are like Jane from scenario two, you have come to the right place. You are already successful but every once in a while your stress jumps up to “bite you in the butt”. With the right strategies and some coaching in how to use them, you can really soar.

Step one is getting the strategies. If you fill in the form below, they will appear in your inbox so that you can start using them today! The rest – let’s leave that for later!